Sledgehammer and Tire Workout – Exercise Video

Sledgehammer and Tire Workout Video

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Sledgehammer workouts provide you with a core strength and cardio workout. All you need is a 6 to 12 pound sledgehammer and a large tire to complete this exercise. I called my local truckstop and picked up an old tractor trailor tire for free. You do not want to use a standard car or truck tire because they are too small and will move around during the exercise.

You strong guys and gals do not need a larger sledgehammer for this workout. The goal is to hit the tire with the sledgehammer as quickly as possible and repeat. This fast paced movement with the lighter sledgehammer increases your heart rate and burns as many calories as possible. A larger sledgehammer will just slow you down and lessen the cardio effectiveness turning it into a strength only exercise. Control the sledgehammer at all times including when you contact the tire to avoid injury.